ForumRoad or Hybrid for Parañaque-Manila Route
Kurt asked 2 years ago

Hi, I\’m just curious what bike type should I get for the Paranaque – Manila route. The road condition is typically pavement but as always (due to maynilad) there\’s always road bumps here and there so I\’m not sure if a road bike can handle that and thus I\’m thinking of going for a hybrid bike. Any opinion on this?  

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3 Answers
Ian Staff answered 2 years ago

go for a bike that can handle wider tires, it will perform better on any road condition. pag road bike, pot holes ang pinaka kalaban mo dyan, kasi delikado yun sa wheelset ng road bike. if you are not going to race naman, you dont necessarily need a road bike.

PJ Sinohin answered 2 years ago

hybrid nalang kung pang-everyday.

habagat answered 2 years ago

am riding MTB everyday  my bike is cheap but it can passed through  the worst condition of  our road  just  be alert  and remember the critical place. Those on their road bike remains on the road  if your tire is wider pang road na pang off road pa. Another thing road bike is fast but  how could we speed up  traffic is everywhere and the most important thing you must consider the top tube of  MTB can accomodate those pretty girl desperate not to be late on their work.

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